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Love isn’t just an action. It’s purposeful

Dear Beautiful,

Love isn’t just an action. It’s purposeful! With every intention, God will perfectly craft every step, and as promised, God will bring you through your season of waiting. You will come out better and stronger than ever. You will soon realize that there is no greater love than the love that our Father Jesus Christ can give. When it is all said and done, you will see that every tear shed, every sleepless night will be worth it, not because of what stands at the end of the promise but because of the one who delivered it to you!

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Good Morning, Have you ever asked yourself, “What if I could start over? What would I do differently?” It’s a complex question with no easy answers. Often, we find ourselves dwelling on our past mistakes or daydreaming about alternate paths that could have led to different outcomes. However, we know that we cannot change the…

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Find Comfort in God’s Promises

Good morning beautiful, It’s easy to mistake the meaning of blessings and promises. Blessings represent God’s favor and protection, while promises are a declaration of God’s commitment to do something or make something happen. It’s common to think that receiving God’s blessings is equivalent to experiencing His promises. However, there are instances where we can…

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After Exhausting All Options

Good Morning Beautiful, Taking the time to connect with God is truly a remarkable experience. During these quiet moments, you can open your heart, share your concerns, and invite him into your empty spaces. God is always present, ready to provide the comfort and healing you need. More than that, He validates your feelings and…

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Why Do You Force Me to Look

Good Morning Beautiful, There were numerous times during my season of waiting when I questioned God and constantly asked, “Why me?” I didn’t understand why relationships didn’t come naturally or why relationships kept ending, and nothing seemed to be working. Marriage was a strong desire that I had, but I found myself labeling my position…

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