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A Prayer of Promise

As Jehoshaphat prepared for battle, he realized that this fight “was not of flesh and blood but against principalities in high places” (Eph. 6:12). Instead of using his own means to defeat the enemy, Jehoshaphat “set himself to seek the Lord” ( 2 Chronicles 20:3).

As children of the highest, we must understand that some battles are not meant for us to fight but to turn it over to God so He can fight for us. God has called us all to be disciples and to teach others the way of truth and light. To understand the truth, we must go through some storms to see God’s true glory manifest in our lives.

So whether you battle today is that of infertility, tending to a sick family member, singleness, problems within your marriage, fighting to do your day to day task, being diagnosed with a chronic illness or mental health condition, know that God is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forevermore! If He can calm the sea’s winds, free His people from bondage and lead them into the promised land, heal the blind and the sick, our God can help us overcome any problems we may be facing today.

I mirrored the prayer of Jehoshaphat and made it “my” Prayer of Promise. I believe in God to fight this battle for me!

A Prayer of Promise

Lord, the God of our ancestors, are you not the God who is in heaven? You rule over all the nations. Power and might are in your hand, and no one can withstand you (2Chronicles 20:6).
God, did you not call us to be grounded and faithful in your word! You freed me from the dangers of this world. You told me that if I turn to you, you will protect me and give me the desires of my heart. I am but a branch rooted in you–possessing the fruit of the spirits.
You called me to be yours, and as I entered into the secret place, you ushered me to open up my heart. You asked that I grow deeper in my relationship with you. I vowed to serve you as I have vowed that my future husband and children would serve you.
Here I am a servant, following your will. I am devoted to you and have purposefully chosen to serve you. I pray for many things. Some prayers are answered faster than others. This one prayer, ” That you send me a husband,” is totally in your hands. I know that I am powerless and I must stay put until you command me to move. But I, your child who you have called, will remain faithful in you. I know that you have slain many giants, and you have seen me through the valleys.
My God, as you have said in your word, ” Wait Upon the Lord,” I will wait for you to answer my prayer! God, I know you will fight for me. My eyes are on you.

By Bulletproofluv

Chasing my dreams and holding on to the hope that I will one day be everything that God has called me to be.

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