Today is the Time to Embrace Who You Are

Too often, we neglect who we are because we fear rejection and separation. God never created us to fit in but to stand out. Those qualities and skills that this world has tried to silence are the very things that God wants to use.

Don’t miss out on your blessing trying to fit in

Last year, a prophet spoke this very thing to me. He said, “there is a man that is praying for YOU!” there were other things that were said, but for this moment, I need you to understand these words “a man is praying for you.” So many times, I have questioned if I am good enough to be loved. I have hidden so many skills because I thought it was too much for a man to choose me. I have preferred to settle so many times in my past, thinking that I can’t have anything better. I contemplated so many times if I wanted to be a career-driven woman because I was afraid that it would intimidate men, and they would see me as “wanting too much” and “needing too much.”

The night that the prophet spoke those words to me, I realized that I am enough! Someone somewhere is praying and asking God for a wife who possesses the skills and qualities that I have.

So, wouldn’t it be selfish of me to settle or be ashamed of who I am? I AM ENOUGH!! YOU ARE ENOUGH!! You can’t pray and ask God to send you a mate when you have yet to ask God to prepare you for such. Marriage is not to have someone by your side. Marriage is to carry God’s message and to do that; each one needs to be purposeful in their walk.

Don’t shy away from who are. I encourage you today to embrace every part of who you are. It’s the right combination of perfection and imperfections that makes us, us.

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