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Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds

Don’t get lost in the clouds thinking that our way is better than Gods. We have to refocus our attention and let God be first in our lives. Knowing that He can change our situations.

He who observes the wind shall not sow; and he who regards the clouds shall not reap

Ecclesiastes 11:4

Good Morning Beautiful,

I hope all are doing well this morning. By all means, take time and enjoy the day that the Lord has made. Go outside, breathe in the fresh air, spend time in your garden, bird watching, or simply watching the clouds. There is nothing wrong with practicing mindfulness. However, we can’t get lost in our thoughts, including fantasizing or using our imaginations. I am sure we have all been in that place where we have written our version of events in our heads. 

Typically we tend to do a fantastic job from start to finish by having the scripted scenes with our well thought out plans and actions. Alongside our fantasies, we all have those thoughts that are not positive, and we find ourselves thinking about the worse of the worse outcomes. None of these thoughts are good, no matter how well you can use your imagination. These thoughts can not control us because we tell God that we do not have Faith when choosing to write our own story. 

We have to get our heads out of the clouds and face reality; To understand that not every problem is fixable just because we sit and ponder on things. Sometimes, thinking too long can cause us to miss out on the door God is showing us as our way of escape. God is in the business of sowing and reaping, but we fail when we focus on things that are out of our control. Things such as keeping our focus on our current circumstances, adverse situations, negative thoughts, or anything distracting. 

We can not expect to sow if we focus more on the things around us and say, “there is no way I’ll get this raise, I know that this manager doesn’t like me, or I will never get healed because the doctors are telling me that my chances are slim based on the recent scans.” As the word of God says, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:8-9). 

We have to understand that the enemy wants to keep us bound, and the longer we stay in our heads, we are less likely to move forward. We are less likely to believe that God is in control; hence, we lack Faith. God is not telling us that we can not expect, but more or so, we can’t get lost in our expectations by believing there is only one way (our way). God is the way, and whatever He speaks will not go void (see Isaiah 55:11). Our jobs are to remain pure and faithful to Him. 

Digging Deeper discussion questions

  1. Where is your focus this morning: your circumstances, adverse situations, negative thoughts, etc. Identify what is occupying your mind and distracting your attention. 
  2. Read Isaiah 55:11. Memorize it and let it be the thing that you use to counter those thoughts that are occupying your mind.

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