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The Discomfort of Growth: I Am Ready For Something New

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend

Proverbs 27:17 KJV

Good Morning Beautiful,

I hope that everyone is having an excellent start to their day so far. To make it even better, I want to encourage you to challenge yourself today. For one, don’t settle, and for two, be willing to step out of your comfort zone; be in a state of discomfort.

My mom would always tell me growing up that “iron sharpeneth iron”; this was her favorite phrase. At times I would be so frustrated because the thought of this happening just seemed uncomfortable and quite painful, especially when I experienced losing relationships. No one tells you the process and what sharpening involves. As I said earlier, it can result in loss of friendships or moving on to higher positions that require you to leave things/ people behind. We can not settle and surround ourselves with people who are not growing; we will all be on a sinking ship.

In scripture, God wants us to challenge ourselves because that is how growth happens. Even when it comes to studying our Word and following after Christ, you can’t half do it by only reading the scripture of today, or the farthest you ever get in praying is “Lord protect me on today-Amen.” challenging yourself can look like– finding someone that knows how to study the word and asking them to teach you or show you how they do things. In some areas of your life, you have to find people that may be more advanced, especially if it’s an area that you want to succeed in.

Don’t let pride, shame, guilt, or embarrassment stop you from growing in life. We all want wisdom and knowledge, so understand that you have to step out and be willing to experience the discomfort of growth to have it.

Digging deeper discussion questions

  1. What areas do you want to grow in? Are there people around you that can help challenge you in this area?

Submit your prayer request to us. We want to pray for you!

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