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Where is your security rooted?

And thou shalt be secure, because there is hope; Yea, thou shalt dig about thee, and thou shalt take thy rest in safety


Good Morning Beautiful,

This morning I want to talk to you about something that I feel God has been dealing with in my heart. Lately, I have been experiencing this rush of insecurity, feeling that things are just never good enough. I’ve found myself getting upset over very mundane things simply because I have attached my hopes and dreams to these objects thinking that if it just goes the way that I want it to, everything will line up, and it will be what I want. 

I hear all of the time that God laughs at our plans, and lately, I’ve been feeling he is getting a nice little chuckle out of the things that I have been planning. It may be funny to Him, but I can guarantee that I am not laughing right now. I feel aggregated and overwhelmed by all that is taking place.

So since my plans don’t want to work out as planned, my first instinct is to feel that I am worthless. Worthless because I tell myself that “I should matter enough to others that they would want to go above and beyond.” They should believe and see in my vision just as much as I do, and the delays are because they don’t see it, and therefore I must not matter. It all sounds stupid, right?. But guess what? I know I’m not alone when it comes to having thoughts like that. We believe many things are true, not realizing that they are rooted in lies. Feelings of hopelessness, feeling unlovable, and worthlessness are all derived from the enemy. God laughs at our plans, but the enemy laughs at our falls.

The enemy loves to see us in the pits trying to climb our way out. He loves to see the tools that we use to recreate order in our lives. When we are desperate, we use desperate measures to survive. We let insecure feelings solve our problems. We resort to feelings of pride, hate, and pettiness. When we operate from a place of insecurities, we don’t work from logic but just hurt. 

Lately, I have been allowing the enemy to tell me who I am, and I have believed him to the point that I have been quiet and distant and have been in my feelings. 

Through this time, God has consistently been using this time to reach me and get my attention. He has made me redirect my attention to not notice why everything is going wrong but to ask myself why would I only feel secure if these things went right? My answer is,” well, God, I think my life is being delayed, and I can’t reach that place that I have envisioned in my mind. So I don’t feel secure because I am not connecting with that image.

For so long, I have mistakenly connected my security to people, places, and things. I have allowed myself to believe that I am secure when the things around me are securely in their designated areas. 

God has been showing me that I will never feel secure if I continue to put my trust in things other than Him. I won’t be confident in my relationships, in my identity, or gifts. 

God has to be our source because life hardly ever makes sense. The minute you think you have things figured out, life throws you a curveball, one right after the other. If you are as bent out of shape as I am, I’m sure you have dropped the bat and walked off the field because who has time to be out of breath trying to move with the direction of life.

Life is too inconsistent to rely on, and God wants you to walk in your promise, but if we don’t know how to be secure, WE will ruin what God is doing in our life. Without proper security, typically, your insecure reactions step in. I know I’m not alone when you feel insecure, and you start trying to control the situation, or you become petty and sarcastic and so forth. Whatever your reaction is, God is trying to teach you how not to be that person in letting insecurities run your life. 

Being secure in God means not relying on the things that you see. We have so many perceptions about life that everything is based on assumptions and not facts. So when we think that we know how things should go or what they should be, 9 out of 10 we are wrong. We believe and hold concepts about life learned from peer influence, social media, and television. There are too many life variations to say that one image fits all. 

We have to understand that God does not want us to rely on our ways but to give those ways over to him. Some of us are stuck, and it’s not because God hasn’t opened the door but because we keep carrying ourselves in the same way, thinking that we will get different results. The truth is, we are the ones that have to change. So what if delays are happening in your life, God still has a plan. It may not be how we envisioned it, but God still has the final say, and He wants to carry His plan out in you. 

Your delays aren’t your setback; if anything, it’s your push forward because if you open your eyes to learn what God is doing in you, God will exceed all of your expectations. God is just asking for you not to be secure in the things going on around you. He wants you to walk in your promise, but He also wants you to keep it, and to do that, we can’t let insecurities, no matter how small they are to ruin what God has for us.

Letting God be your place of security means we have to trust in Him. Keep dreaming and keep planning; just don’t let those things exceed God.


I want to leave you with this final thought… God tells us not to idolize objects, and no, we may not be worshiping a statue, but could it be possible to worship your plans? Are you letting your vision come before God?

By Bulletproofluv

Chasing my dreams and holding on to the hope that I will one day be everything that God has called me to be.

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