I Am Worth The Wait

About I Am Worth The Wait

I am Worth The Wait is more than a message to both single women and men who are waiting on their spouses. To wait in the spiritual sense is a time where you become one with God. In Genesis, God constructed man from the earth and breath life into him. He then placed man in the garden to “dress it and to keep it” (Gen. 2: 7;15). If you look into your life we are all in the midst of our own garden.

    • How kept is your garden?
    • How accessible is your garden?

Adam had the most important job and that was to tend to the land and make it accessible for God to enter. Waiting isn’t a punishment nor is it God’s way of neglecting you. In your season of waiting, all God is wanting, is for you to make room for Him and produces the fruit needed for your own salvation. 

So whether you are married, in a relationship, or single–God is still desiring to have a relationship with you. Just know that a garden requires patience, purpose, time, nurturing, and constant tending to in order for it to grow and develop. Don’t rush the process and be assured that God is never late or early, He is always on time. 



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Relationships are built not made. You will never truly reach 100% because realistically its impossible. That would imply that everyone is perfect which we are not.

However, when you strive for 100% you’ll be amazed at the results. Let’s set the limits high!