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Find Comfort in God’s Promises

Good morning beautiful, It’s easy to mistake the meaning of blessings and promises. Blessings represent God’s favor and protection, while promises are a declaration of God’s commitment to do something or make something happen. It’s common to think that receiving God’s blessings is equivalent to experiencing His promises. However, there are instances where we can […]

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After Exhausting All Options

Good Morning Beautiful, Taking the time to connect with God is truly a remarkable experience. During these quiet moments, you can open your heart, share your concerns, and invite him into your empty spaces. God is always present, ready to provide the comfort and healing you need. More than that, He validates your feelings and […]

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God is my Portion

Good morning beautiful, What is the one thing that will drive you up the wall if you hear someone say while you are in your waiting season? I have a few that come to mind: “Just pray about it, in God’s perfect timing, it will happen, or you know the bible says it’s better to […]

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Almost is not Enough

Good Morning Beautiful,  Do you remember when the biggest thing floating on the internet was the kids’ candy challenge? The parents would place candy in front of their children and tell them not to eat it until they came back. It’s funny because many children agreed to wait for their parents to receive their treat. […]

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The Posture Of Your Heart

Good Morning Beautiful Prayer life is not a one-size-fits-all. There are moments when I am ugly, crying before God. Then, there are times when it’s more like a conversation. Praying can appear daunting, especially if you are new at it, but I have learned that God focuses more on the posture of your heart. Your […]