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After Exhausting All Options

Good Morning Beautiful, Taking the time to connect with God is truly a remarkable experience. During these quiet moments, you can open your heart, share your concerns, and invite him into your empty spaces. God is always present, ready to provide the comfort and healing you need. More than that, He validates your feelings and […]


Mimicking Beauty

Good morning beautiful, Lately, due to much road work on the back roads near my home, I have had to find different alternative routes to get to work. One of my routes is more scenic, so I pass by many open fields. I see cows, goats, chickens, and a lot of wildflowers. Some days, when […]

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Almost is not Enough

Good Morning Beautiful,  Do you remember when the biggest thing floating on the internet was the kids’ candy challenge? The parents would place candy in front of their children and tell them not to eat it until they came back. It’s funny because many children agreed to wait for their parents to receive their treat. […]